We met at the St. Luke’s parking lot at 10:00 am Tuesday morning full of life and anticipation. We traveled to Chicago on a bus, waited for a couple of hours for departure, flew 8 hours to Madrid, flew to Tel Aviv on the smallest airplane EVER, waited in line at passport control for one hour, and then took a bus for 2 1/2 hours to our hotel in Tiberias. On the way to Tiberias, we were slightly delayed by the entourage with 10 cars with flashing lights and sirens which supposedly were all part of Netanyahu’s security squad. So, after 27 hours we were safely ensconced in Israel! We ate a quick dinner and went to bed. The country is very quiet, very gentle so far, and we have never seen a single officer with any type of weapon anywhere. There is a scattering of Israeli army females once in a while (girls are required to serve for 2 years after high school in the army before starting their adult life–talk about a wake up call!) Today we spent an amazing day in Nazareth, about which I will try and write tomorrow. The problem is that at our hotel nothing seems to work in the technology arena. Wifi is nonexistent as is cellular phone coverage for a lot of people. Apparently the hotel finds that unimportant, so I am hoping to remedy that at our next hotel for which we leave tomorrow. We are taking a boat trip on the Sea of Galilee at lunch and moving on to a new hotel there. I have some great pictures which I will download too. Meme is a real trooper and seems to have more energy than many of us. Aunt Marsha has lost her voice so hopefully that will return tomorrow. All is well here in Israel, a country that looks remarkably like many of the islands in Greece, aka very middle eastern. More when some wireless becomes available. I am actually typing this on a very old computer with Arabic keyboard in the hotel manager’s office because he and I had a little discussion about the need for wifi and the lack thereof. He finally threw up his hands (literally) and uttered a few irreverent words and ushered me to his office (are you proud of me Emily??) xo from Tiberias